Yoshiko Tsukiori’s shirt and blouse__Make 25 designs from one body pattern

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Sewing book by popular Japanese designer, Yoshiko Tsukiori.
even a beginner can do it! In this book,introducing basic technic of shirts sewing.
This book includes 25 shirts and blouses designed from a combination of collars and sleeves, from standard shirts.

Do you find it difficult to sew a shirt?
Certainly, I use techniques unique to shirts that are not found in other items, but the joy of finishing up with that is a joy.
In this book, a shirt that incorporates basic techniques is explained in the process so that even those who sew for the first time can complete it properly.
For the paper pattern, the body of the work being introduced is integrated into a single pattern.
The collar, switching, and hem line are selected according to the design, so that it can be arranged according to the combination of collar and sleeve.
You can also enjoy a blouse with a completely different impression using the same body pattern as the shirt.
A shirt and blouse book I’ve always wanted to publish.

Yoshiko Tsukiori

This book has a full-length pattern.25 designs in one body pattern. 7/9/11/13/15 with actual large paper.

Paperback: 88 pages
Publisher: Shufu to seikatusha (2019)
Language : Japanese


Yoshiko Tsukiori

After graduating from art university, she became independent after working for an apparel company.Her design is simple, but she has a reputation for three-dimensional and beautiful silhouettes. Has many works and is popular not only in Japan but also overseas.

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