Looks beautifle clothes ”calf-length less than 20cm” by Quoi Quoi

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This book is simple making, we post clothes of design which is easy to arrange. The author stuck to the line and length that looks nice when wearing it.
Without zipper, without buttonhole, you can make cute skirt and pants. It is wonderful to try arranging them in different fabrics or sturdy.

【Easy to adapt to the top of the variant, a little under 20 cm under the knee is recommended for all women. 】
Knees 20 cm, while hiding the thickest part of the calves, is the length that the ankle appears to be blinking and slim. I also stuck to the silhouette and the line. People whose height is low, those who are concerned about body shape, people who are concerned about the line of their legs … all show together cleanly. Because it is a length that can not be relaxed with peace of mind, I will not choose the age. It also introduces arrangements for spring / summer / autumn / winter in one pattern, so you can enjoy all seasons.

【Pants are also included. 】
Overalls and pants such as saluel and culottes skirt, etc., are full of bottoms other than skirts.

【Pictures of works only. 】
When wearing a model, as well as photos of only works are posted, I can understand shapes and designs well.

【With attached paper pattern. 】
Works of this book, with under saruel which can be used for any and pullover pattern paper and how to make it. Please enjoy together with the bottom.

Paperback: 80 pages
Publisher: Takahashi shoten (2017)
Language : Japanese

Author : Quoi Quoi

Quoi Quoi

Unit of sawing and handicraft by Mami Kumon and Asami Mishiro. Both of them learn clothing at the cultural clothing graduate school. As a senior junior at the same apparel maker, after forming a retirement “Quoi? Quoi? ” formed. “Quoi Quoi” Has the meaning of “Why why?” In French.
A little creative but creative with a cute mood is a creed.

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