Shape of clothes by Asuka Hamada(THERIACA) patterns

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Round, square, rhombus, pentagon and other clothes like punctuated in cookie type. Looking through the sleeve in a unique shape that you want to be flat, an interesting silhouette or drape that you did not expect will be born. Also free access to tops, tunics, dresses, ponchos, skirts and bags and gloves.

This book has a full-length pattern.
Paperback: 79 pages
Publisher: Bunka publishing (2015)
Language : Japanese


A circle
photo p.5
how to make p.40

B square
photo p.6
how to make p.42

B * Tight skirt
photo p.6
how to make p.44

C circle donut
photo p.8
how to make p.45

D square donut
photo p.9
how to make p.46

E T type (3 change)
photo p.10
how to make p.48, 50, 51

F circular tank
photo p.12
how to make p.54

G square tank
photo p.13
how to make p.52

H blanket top
photo p.14
how to make p.55

I Diamond
photo p.16
how to make p.56

J Plus
photo p.18
how to make p.58

photo p.18
how to make p.60

L, L * Banzai shape
photo p.20, 33
how to make p.62

M type flask shape
photo p.21
how to make p.61

N, O pentagon
photo p.22
how to make p.64

P, Q trapezoid
photo p.24
how to make p. 66

R curtain dress
photo p.26
how to make p.68

S minus
photo p.28
how to make p.70

Model T T
photo p 29.
how to make p.71

T * Gather Skirt
photo p 29.
how to make p.72

U a, b round poncho
photo p.30, 32
how to make p.74, 75

V square ponchos
photo p.31
how to make p.76

W rectangular bag
photo p.34
how to make p.77

X square bag
photo p.35
how to make p.78

Y Stall Ponchos
photo p.36
how to make p.79


Asuka Hamada


Designer of THERIACA. After studying textile design in Japan and Canada, She was involved in apparel planning as a fashion designer for several years, and passed away. She has studied about fashion and patterns and continue making clothes with free ideas. Currently she is doing her own project in Berlin and writing a book as a tool to convey the fun of clothes.

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1 review for Shape of clothes by Asuka Hamada(THERIACA) patterns

  1. Amazon Japan customer

    I am new to sewing. I couldn’t find a book I wanted to make, but this was an immediate purchase.
    There are simple patterns even though they have design.
    We made a “plus” pullover, but it was created in no time.
    It is easy to wear and the reputation around it is good, so we are changing the fabric and trying long sleeves.

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