Let’s sew the coat.

Standard class coat 18 points not influenced by trends, all introduced with full-size large size paper. Commentary on how to make it by photograph and follow-up movie. It is one book that all the sewing fans satisfy from the beginner level to the advanced level.This book has a full-length pattern.

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· Expand 18 clothes with 5 basic designs and their arrangement.
· Unnecessary processes are splashed, thorough pursuit of rational and simple sewing method.
· Since almost any work can be made from favorite fabrics, you can enjoy the coat throughout the year.
– How to make a basic coat with a picture is explained in the picture, and even a video distribution is also available.
· Copying and selling patterns are prohibited, but works made can be sold on the market etc.

This book has a full-length pattern.

Paperback: 71 pages
Publisher: SHUFU TO SEIKATSU SHA (2018)
Language : Japanese


· Basic drop shoulder coat
· Drop shoulder · No backing & cutting
· Drop shoulder · No back and long ·
· Drop shoulder · Food & Short
· Basic raglan sleeve coat
· Raglan sleeve · No back and round color
· Raglan sleeve · Reversible & long
· Basic tailored collar coat
· Tailored collar · No back and long ·
· Tailored collar · Short
· Tailored collar · Reversible
· Basic set in sleeve coat
· Set-in sleeve · Trench type
· Set in sleeve · No back and long ·
· Set-in sleeve · Duffle type
· Basic Kimono sleeve coat
· Kimono sleeve · Open color
· Kimono sleeve · No color & long
· How to make basic tailored color coat
· How to make a pocket
· Basic knowledge before starting to make
· About size and finished dimensions
· About making paper patterns

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