Sweety Clothes by Asuka Hamada(THERIACA) patterns

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Ribbon, gather, pin tack, puff sleeve, frill. I spark joy when I just saying these words. The pattern in this book is cute not only but that is interesting. Because these can possibly adjust volume sense and silhouette. When you add these patterns to your boyish or mannish coordination, you can add a cute touch.

This book has a full-length pattern.
Paperback: 79 pages
Publisher: Bunka publishing (2018)
Language : Japanese


Crescent frills top (frills small) a

p.4 · 5
Crescent frills frill top (frills large) b

p.6 · 7
Ruffle jumpsuit c

Sleevelop gathered puff sleeve top d

Cuffs gathered puff sleeve top e

p.10 · 11
Lantern sleeve dress f

Puff sleeve work shirt g

Puff Sleeve Oxford Shirt

p.14 · 15
Volume sleeve pullover i

p.16 · 17
Pin Tuck’s Circle Top j

p.16 · 17
Square top of box tack k

Ribbon logo T l

Random ribbon T m

p.22 · 23
Negrige dress n

Under Bust Gather Top o

Shoulder Gather Top p

p.26 – 29
Ruffle trainer q r s t

p.30 · 31
Frill Pillow Bag u

p.30 · 31
Frilled pillow top v

Frill’s line pants w

p.33 –


Asuka Hamada


Designer of THERIACA. After studying textile design in Japan and Canada, She was involved in apparel planning as a fashion designer for several years, and passed away. She has studied about fashion and patterns and continue making clothes with free ideas. Currently she is doing her own project in Berlin and writing a book as a tool to convey the fun of clothes.

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1 review for Sweety Clothes by Asuka Hamada(THERIACA) patterns

  1. amazon japan customer

    The style of this book doesn’t have darts, but you can enjoy the three-dimensional making of flat cloth such as gathers and flares. The design is cute and I can wear it in my late 30s.

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