Pattern BOOK Yoshiko Tsukiori’s Jacket coat that can be used as is

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This book is a pattern with only one design.

One-sided real large paper with seam allowance can be made now!
You don’t have to do the hassle of making paper patterns yourself! A groundbreaking sewing book that allows you to make clothes just by cutting the actual “large paper with seam allowance” in the appendix, applying it to the cloth, and cutting it. With the development of 5 sizes from No. 7 to No. 15 and variations of patterns, you can quickly complete your favorite clothes. With a detailed explanation, this series is safe even for beginners.

This book has a full-length pattern.

Paperback: 16 pages
Publisher: NHK publishing (2018)
Language : Japanese


Yoshiko Tsukiori

After graduating from art university, she became independent after working for an apparel company.Her design is simple, but she has a reputation for three-dimensional and beautiful silhouettes. Has many works and is popular not only in Japan but also overseas.

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