Yoshiko Tsukiori’s One Piece Dresses

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A sewing book by popular author Yoshiko Tsukiori. From 2 body patterns
Introducing 20 dresses designed with a combination of collars and sleeves.

1 | Eritsuki One Piece 2 | Shirt One Piece
3 | Long length dress 4 | Gathered sleeve dress
5 | Tucked shirt dress 6 | Flared sleeve dress
7 | Stand collar tunic 8 | Shirt collar setup
9 | Tunic with one tuck 10 | Colorless coat with pleats
11 | V-neck dress 12 | Cap sleeve dress
13 | Gathered blouse setup 14 | Gown-style coat
15 | Jumper skirt 16 | Stand collar dress
17 | Dolman Sleeve One Piece 18 | Cache Coeur One Piece
19 | Balloon sleeve dress 20 | Lace sleeve dress

Before you start sewing
About real large paper
Let’s make a dress with flared sleeves
Point process explanation
How to make a work / reference dimension table

This book has a full-length pattern.

Paperback: 80 pages
Publisher: Shufu to seikatusha (2020)
Language : Japanese


Yoshiko Tsukiori

After graduating from art university, she became independent after working for an apparel company.Her design is simple, but she has a reputation for three-dimensional and beautiful silhouettes. Has many works and is popular not only in Japan but also overseas.

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